The No Bullshit Truth...

The Sexiest Drop Dead Irresistible Ways To Be The Girl Of His Dreams

Lets be honest...

No guy tells the truth about what he doesn't like about you. Even worse, they don't ever give you anything real to work on so that your a better wife or girlfriend. And OMG, meeting decent guys is a whole other story. The other funny thing is that girls tend to pick the brains of their friends or other guy friends to figure out WTF to do. I will tell you that this is almost exactly the opposite of what you should actually do. Nobody will give it to you as straight as I'm about to, with as much experience as I have.

In this quick guide I'm going to no bullshit, go over everything you need to know to be an amazing girlfriend, lover, wife, etc. I'm going to give it to you straight up and you can do what you want with it. This stuff isn't something you could find scanning through Cosmo magazine. It isn't going to be "Top 10 sex things" and then you get a bunch of crap like that you'll never use. I'm going to teach you step by step how to not only do everything you need to be fucking amazing in all aspects of the dating world. But I'm also going to tell you how to do it all without it being: 1 ridiculously embarrassing when you try it 2 not knowing how he will react 3 how to tell if he actually likes my suggestions before using them.

A little about myself... I've been teaching seduction and giving dating advice for over 6 years professionally. I've travelled all over teaching and learning from the best of the best. I've spent thousands of hours learning and practicing the art of being the best dating and pick up trainer in the world. Think of me as the real world version of Will Smith in the movie "Hitch". But this is the first time I will be giving out "for FREE", my guides for women.

WARNING: We are going to start with your inner self and then go into examples of how to be sexy physically and things to do that really drive guys crazy, along with examples of things you can actually do to keep your boyfriend or husband unbelievably happy, without too much work... keeping a guy around actually has a ton to do with your personality, so I would strongly recommend not skipping ahead. To skip the basics and inner self exercises click here:
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Where to find guys

So first thing's first. You need a to be able to find guys or already be with a guy in order to use any of the material or dating advice in this program. Here are the top places to meet guys without trying too hard:

1.) Gym: Kickboxing classes, Yoga, etc (Plus you'll be getting in shape at the same time.)
2.) The Mall
3.) Parks
4.) Clubs & bars
5.) Running errands/ grocery store
6.) Around college campus areas & school
7.) Concerts & sports events
8.) Tourist attractions
9.) Amusement parks
10.) Coffee shops & bookstores

The above examples are bound to have guys flocking them. It really depends on your age, intentions, and how far out of your normal routine your willing to go to meet men.

For instance a bookstore is probably a terrible place to meet guys if you want a party boy that is looking for an immediate hookup. On the other hand it is a great place to meet intelligent, handsome, bring home to dad kind of men.

Sneaky girl move

Next time your pulling into a grocery store parking lot and you see a hot guy that just parked his car. Try to park next to him... why you might ask. Because while he's inside your going to get out, open your hood and pretend like your car died. Then when he walks back to his car you can ask him if he doesn't mind giving you a jump (note: Must have jumper cables in your car). In case you haven't jumped your car before. It takes a couple minutes and you can use it as an excuse to talk to him, also he's not available to leave because your car is hooked up to his ;) lol

This is just one of many pickup moves you can use that don't look like your trying "No chance of rejection tactics." Sure guys holler out windows at cute girls but none of them have the balls to walk right up to a girl, stop her in her tracks with something playful and different and confidently proceed to follow through the necessary steps to sweep her off her feet and leave with a date. Sometimes as a girl, if you want it... you have to be like "OK dummy, I know your nervous, but here's your in."

Dressing and Style

It's so funny when you start giving a student material and dating advice to try... they go out and try it and then say "Hey it didn't work, I probly just said your line wrong" when in fact the problem is they look like a bum asking for money on the side of the road, their hair is a mess, they're still wearing t-shirts designed by Posh Spice, and they smell like a dead whale on the beach.

  • Smell: Put on perfume, deodorant, etc.
  • Hair: Do your hair! Straighten, curl, braid, etc. Don't let your roots get all fucking nappy and discolored. Take your beer money and hit the salon.
  • Clean: Shower & Shave... if your clean, your life is clean, your room is clean, then men will know that they can touch you without getting a disease. They also see a future partner in life and someone that has their shit together.
  • Clothes: You don't have to spend a ton of money to redo your wardrobe. Start by going into a nice outlet store and asking one of the employees to help you pick out a new style. Just say your looking to change it up and dress a little sexier than normal. Go grab 3-5 plain colored tops as well. This is great because you can wear them more than once a week without people saying "isn't that the same 'Jesus is my homeboy' t-shirt that you wore on monday? I would highly recommend heading to the fashion section of and or looking at the blog and boutique here for cheap deals and great fashion tips: Shea Boutique

One of the biggest complaints I get from men is that their girls don't even try to dress up. Girls always say "Guys just want you to look slutty and wear short club dresses all the time."... this isn't actually true. Guys want to showoff their girl... but you don't need to be slutty. You just need to be feminine. There's a big difference between being slutty or being seductive and feminine. Tight clothing is definitely a plus but it's about showing off your curves, showing off your cleavage a little, etc. Wear tops with low cut backs or some jeans with wedges, a white tank top to show off your girls, and a sexy jean jacket to go over. That has polled more attractive than short dresses in many cases.

Another way to stand out: dressing up or down based on occasion. If you show up at a house party and you have a dress on and everyone else is wearing a t-shirt... or If your at a black tie dinner and your wearing a tank top, then your going to stand out. You can even make opening lines out of your situation "I guess I didn't get the memo."

Social circle and value basics

We talked about what you look like personally. Now we're going to go over social value and thin-slicing basics. Thin-slicing is a term recently popularized in M. Gladwells book called Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking.

In the book thin-slicing is defined as our ability to gauge what IS from a very short period of experience.

So when somebody thin-slices you, their basically judging you on what you look like, where you are, who your with, and the potential for you to be the object of which they date or hook-up with. These are all very important things to be aware of at all times.

For instance you can usually tell a guy is in a fraternity by his pink polo shirt, sweater vest, hairstyle, tassle shoes, while still having the ability to smell like last nights empty keg in the garage. You can usually tell how classy somebody is, how slutty, how rich or poor, within the first couple of seconds. Atleast that is what thin-slicing defines and it's what guys will go off of.

The type of people your surrounded by has a profound impact on your thin-slice. If you show up looking good, feeling good, and on your a game... but you show up at a bar with no fun friends and bitchy work friends, you'll have a hard time getting hit on. In all situations try to picture what you look like from everyone else's perspective.

It's unfortunate to think that most people choose whether to reject you or not based on the current experience they see you in. But it also doesn't fail too often which is why guys do it. You do it as well... so now it's just time to be aware and manipulate what you look like off the bat to be as attracting as possible.

1.) Show up to social events as often as possible.

2.) Smile when you walk into the room
Mission: Everytime you walk into a room focus on smiling. You might think you look stupid. But it comes off as a girl that is enjoying life. Go for the coy, if only you knew how fun my life is "smile".

3.) Dress to suit your audience. You want to think "do I look like my desired mans dream girl right now. Is my style matching that? Hot rocker chick = Edgy rocker guy. Sorority girl = Frat guy, etc.
4.) The people around you should reflect your lifestyle. If the guys/girls in your group are all aspiring, driven, confident, good looking people that are good socially... Your in the money zone! If not consider hanging out with new people. Join a group that allows you to get out and meet new different guys and girls.

This stuff all addresses how valuable a catch you are. Over the course of this program we will teach you how to become high value, so that you can look in the mirror and say "I'm the perfect catch for my ideal man."

Social circle game is extremely powerful and we will be talking in a more advanced stage later. Particularly on how to get that first group of high status people to use as your value booster into the high status circles of men.

Calibration and Frame

In the long term we want to focus on being competent in seduction but focus on self improvement and identity as your short-term goal. Strengthening your confidence and developing an un-shakable sense of identity is key. This will change the dynamic from having guys say "Wow she's hot, I want to fuck her." over to "Wow she seems like she has a badass personality and I'd love to go have a conversation with her". This is where real relationships happen. Both your outer self and inner self feed off each other and they should develop simultaneously.

Identity Development
1.) How do you want to be perceived by others?
2.) What type of men do you want in your life... and what's important to you in a man?
You need to develop your identity in a way that better attracts this sort of guy.

3.) Does your style and look reflect the identity you've chosen?
4.) Does your social circle enhance your identity and do your friends respect you?
5.) What accessories could enhance your identity and validate it?... what do I mean by this? See below:

For instance you could have pics on your phone to show guys traits that you want to express.

Example: Family photos to show your close with your family, a picture with your dog, a picture of you with other attractive men somewhere.

Be aware of the man you want to attract! If your showing pictures of you with a bunch of men at a club being crazy party animals, to a guy that is really into nice girls... then your going to lower your value with him and he won't be interested. Instead show a picture with your family or you scuba diving (Cool hobbies).

Your State of Being:

Your state is your mindset. If you find yourself always doubting things in life... always negative, then you need to fix your thought pattern. Your outward appearance will not be appealing until your internal dialog is enthusiastic, positive, and optimistic. You need to get rid of all the negative and self-defeating thoughts in your mind.

Take thoughts like:
"He probly has a model girlfriend" or "He's probly a jerk" or "He's not looking at me, He's probly into my friends." or "I'm not good looking enough for him and I'm a loser." etc.

Now replace those with thoughts of success. "I am the girl that will make his day today." "He's probly an amazing guy and I'm going to let him talk for a while regardless of the outcome. " "Nothing is more important to this mans busy day than to be swept off his feet by me." etc.

You can get into a good state by blasting your favorite music, calling a funny friend to get you in a good mood, etc.


Your frame is your attitude, beliefs, and body language. You need to convey traits like non-neediness and a willingness to walk away from a guy if he's not the exact one you want. You must not be seeking validation from men or women around you... this lowers your value. Alpha girls that get all the guys do not seek the approval of other people, they just are who they are. This reflects on to him that your not playing around. You know what you want, you know where your going and if he doesn't get his A game on then you might be gone forever and he'll miss out.

If you seem validation-seeking, insecure, attention-seeking, indecisive, try-hard, dependent or unsure it will be a turn off. In short, this is your world and though he is welcomed to enter it, you'll be just fine without him. This is sexy... this is hot... this is attractive. Men are pre-wired to be attracted to "The Girl" a person of abundance instead of a women that will settle for anything which is scarcity (Desperation) aka unattractive.

Have no expectations for an outcome with any particular man. You shouldn't care if he laughs at a joke or doesn't, if he rejects you, if he flirts with you heavily, etc. You can walk away at any moment. In fact walking away when a mans emotions are spiked and he is super attracted to you is called push-pull game. It is meant to send him your frame and show that you don't need him to flirt with you in order to have a good night and that is very attractive. It makes him want to chase YOU.

In any situation whether it be with guys or not. If somebody pings you with something you don't like and you send a reaction. It conveys value to that ping and therefor shows that your weak.


Inner game consists of your confidence, your sense of deservedness or being aware that men want to be with you. As you begin to learn more and more about meeting men you will notice that you spend a lot more time on developing your outer self than your inner self. But when you continue to grow you will begin to realize that nothing compares to a solid frame, a profound comfort in one's own skin, and an un-shackable sense of confidence.

Female to Male attraction is based on four factors:
1.) Offering value
2.) Submissive/Dominance
3.) Emotionally un-reactive
4.) Core confidence
*I would also add a fifth factor which is "Sexually non-judgmental/openness to exploring sex" because studies find this is crucial for keeping guys around, but it's not absolutely necessary to spark attraction.

So let's devise a roadmap on how to get there. Inner game is based on:
1.) An underlining positive belief system supporting your goal.

  • You understand the goals you've set for yourself.
  • You don't judge people for their actions.
  • Any limiting belief you have about yourself MUST change. In your mind there should be no reason a man would not want to be with you. If you have a limiting belief about your physical appearance such as your breast size or a little extra weight then you need to either go to the gym or accept it. Since your already on a mission to develop yourself I would recommend the gym route. No girl that is in shape, doesn't get hit on... it's a fact. ;)
2.) A core reference of experiences that support your positive frame.
  • It doesn't matter if others accept your beliefs, what matters is if you accept them. Your beliefs don't change in the face of negative or positive social feedback.
  • Sometimes our beliefs can hurt us, but we follow them anyways. Don't put up a wall between you and your potential. We make it un-plausable to truly live and note everything that is possible.
  • And what if I told you that even beliefs based on truth could be limiting? Depending on your beliefs, there are different truths and realities in the world, and pretty much everything can be rationalized by someone in one way or another.

    Even basic truths can be limiting in society:

    • What about the fact that free divers can dive deeper than scientists believe is humanly possible?
    • What about that sprinters are constantly breaking the barriers of what is possible for human speed?
    • What about monks who have the ability to burn themselves alive without flinching?
    Even rational beliefs can be limiting... our beliefs are what form our reality.
    3.) A solid sense of yourself and identity.
    Identity, at-least the mainstream view of identity is you are what you do. If you asked a lawyer what his identity was he might say "I'm a lawyer, I went to school at Stanford, I like playing basketball and my brother is John."

    Identity is not those things. Identity is what underlines the things you do... this is where your real self is defined. A lawyer is not his identity. It's simply a label he was given by society that can be stripped from him at any moment. His identity derives from the process of which he got his label. The hard work and dedication to get his degree and pass the bar. That is the sweat and experience that defines who he is and his power in society. That is what drives his life and makes him the man he is.

    This concept has been explained many times that if all of the people in the world lost everything and started off with an equal amount of money. The wealthy people before the game was reset would still end up with the money. That is because of there dedication and mindset towards reality. It is the beliefs and non-limitations they set for themselves and why as you become better throughout your experience within this program and continue to take what you've learned elsewhere... you will notice a change your life, a big change. That is why you are here and that is why this is exciting.

    97% of people that win the lottery go bankrupt by the first year. They may have a label that says "rich"... but they don't have an identity that can manage that wealth.

    So in short we need to build your beliefs until they become your reality / identity. You need to believe your attractive to your ideal man and after this course we will have reinforced that belief through an experience. That belief will then become part of your identity and you will radiate that to society.

    Exercise fears and discover yourself

    People with strong identities also have a lack of fear. They take risks and venture into the unknown to make there own path instead of following in others footsteps. They are un-aware of societies judgement and or just choose not to acknowledge its relevance.

    In our context of risk taking and fearless we are talking about being completely disconnected from our ego, this is different from fearing for your safety.

    1.) Buy a spiral binder or grab some paper and write a page about your goals and beliefs.
    2.) Describe down to the last detail of how you see an attractive girl, what is her identity, beliefs, frame, etc.
    • Describe your ideal man down to the last detail
    • Write down your own goals personal, business, and sport
    • Now construct the beliefs that will support those goals. Write all necessary beliefs that have to exist down.
    • Make your beliefs into affirmations that you can print out and sticky to your desk, steering wheel, etc. So that you can reference them easily.
    You will now have your business plan for becoming the ideal YOU. Your now a girl that knows what she wants, knows what she needs to do to become who she wants, and has a belief system setup that will actualize who she wants to become.

    • Next you need to write down your fears.
    • Write down the underlying causes of the those fears.
    • Come up with solutions to assess those underlying fears that you can apply everyday.
    • Go comfront those underlying issues head on.
    • Write your experiences down.
    This is the most difficult part of inner game. To actually go head on and have the courage and strength to confront these fears.

    But in all honesty this is the moment that separates the winners from the losers. These fears contain the moments that you will look back on in this journey and go "That was horrifying but I can't imagine who I would have been if I didn't do it.". This is the part where most girls give up and go back to there unfullfilling lives & relationships. Do not be one of those people... the time is now for you to change. Think SUCCESS at all times.

    Easy and smooth ways to initiate talking to men:

    You can use body language and gestures to open men. Here I will give you a few examples to go by.

    Wave towards a group of guys in a crowded area and when they wave back you gesture a "not you, them"... later you can go over and say "that was smooth casanova, don't you hate it when you wave back at somebody that wasn't waving at you? haha".

    If you spot a guy eyeing you down from across a club or bar, smile and use your fingers like a piece sign and point at both of your eyes and then back at his... then point at the ground in front of you and do a "come here" gesture. He'll smile but if he doesn't come over then you can walk up to him with a disappointed smile and say "You looked nervous so I thought I'd come put you on the spot. :) ".

    A lot of times non-verbal communication works really well because there an easy way to judge if someone likes you. If he's not interested his facial expression will show it. And a lot of times you will do a non-verbal move and forget about it... then later on in the night you'll bump into each other again and it will be much easier to start the conversation without looking like your picking him up.

    Sneaky girl move

    - Ever notice a good looking guy at a gas station / Seven11 after picking up a slurpy? Get back to your car and place your drink on the roof like your just putting it down for a second. Act like you forgot it was there and get in... start your car... and leave your parking spot slowly. This is the part were he "opens you" and will probably wave at you to stop. Roll down your window and he will say something like. "You left your drink on the roof." Which you should reply with a small tease... "haha that's a funny way to try to pick someone up."... Get out and start talking to him.

    - Hey you look like experts... I'm cooking for my some friends tonight... all guys. What should I make?

    Teasing and Flirting

    Teasing is an extremely important part of seduction. It is the reason you don't get stuck in the friend zone most of the time. It is the reason you think guys always end up with bitches instead of you. This is the weapon that they've had since the sandbox days of preschool.

    It's important to note that negs are suppose to be playful teases. *NOT MEAN personal jabs.
    There suppose to be witty and unexpected, they are meant to throw him off guard and playfully punch you in the arm.

    For instance, you can say something like "I wonder why I keep getting hit on by handsome men wearing blue shirts." as soon as a guy wearing a blue shirt approaches the bar where you're seated. The implication that he's about to hit on you is the negative part of that comment, while the "handsome men" line is the compliment.

    Here is an example of a switch up. The point is to take something he says that is innocent and turn it against him.

    Him: You're not drinking anything tonight? You: No, guys take advantage of me when I drink.

    Him: I like your dress
    You: Thank you. But just because you like my dress doesn't mean they're coming off.

    He spills:
    You: See this is why we can't have nice things.

    Him: I can't believe you're so much older than me!
    You: Yeah, 21 is a little young for me, but I've always considered myself open-minded.

    Him: It's guys night out.
    You: Yeah, it's girls night out too. In fact, I shouldn't even be talking to you right now.
    Teasing has some challenges. There's a fine line between personal jabs and friendliness. If your too nice you're seen as weak. But if there's too much harassment you're just a bitch. Nice girls are just too boring, men want the excitement of not knowing when your going to challenge them.

    Tips to teasing:
    - Daring him to accomplish a challenge. Doubting abilities will irritate him and create a interest through challenge.

    - Challenge his views through conversation. You're challenging his opinion while offering him the chance of proving his point to you. This works wonders in having him invest more time into a conversation and build a relationship with you.

    - Deliberately twist some of his words and/or meanings. Using over the top tone in your voice, smiling, or winking works great. Something that signals that you're purposely teasing. It sets the stage for watching two people 'fight'. Everyone loves a good fight especially when it's a friendly one.

    - Remain a challenge to him. You also remain a mystery to him and men love mysterious women. It's like climbing a mountain. As long as you haven't accomplished it you feel drawn to overcome it. Once you've reached the peak the mystery is over and you move on to the next thing.
    The effect of a good neg-hit on a mans psyche is something to behold. It does 4 things simultaneously.
    • Since those high quality men are used to girls kissing their ass, it will confuse them.
    • "This girl isn't falling all over me like a puppy dog. Why is that? Is my (whatever flaw) really that bad?" It throws them off balance and makes them self-conscious.

    • It will peak their curiosity about you, and you become something of a mystery.
    • "How come my looks or fancy car haven't immediately charmed her? What is up with this girl?"

    • It will create a challenge.
    • "This girl must have REALLY high standards. I don't think she likes me. Everyone else likes me. I MUST get her to like me!"

    • It lets him know that you don't think he is anything special based on his status alone.
    • "She isn't amazed by my popularity? *GASP* Am I in the presence of a REAL women? Oh, I think I have a boner... shit!" lol

      After the tease, watch his eyes. You will see him go "Hey!" And then you will actually SEE him run through all 4 of those stages mentioned above. It really is amazing. With a few well-placed comments, you have created all the things that most women struggle to create, and you have appeared to do it effortlessly.

    NO MATTER IF HUMOR IS USED OR NOT, ALWAYS DELIVER THE TEASE WITH THE UTMOST SUPREME CONFIDENCE! A tease without confidence is like going bear hunting with an unloaded rifle. You may think it's good, but you'll get your ass chewed up!

    Teasing works because you quickly and effortlessly take a man down from his pedestal. You show him you are in control, you have a quick wit and mind, and that he doesn't impress you. In other words, YOU ARE EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF ALL THE OTHER GIRLS AROUND HIM.